Intentions and Intensity

You earned my submission

Through your intentions and intensity

You gained my permission to touch, to feel, and to know me.

You showed me your strength through simplicities.

Your consistencies nurture my insecurities.

I opened up even though it scares me to expose my vulnerability.

Soft words and a firm grip allowed me to slip… outside my comfort zone into a realm of the unknown…and the unseen…at least lately…

You questioned my complacency and acceptance of mediocrity

Without asking me to change a single thing…

You reignited my desire to be a better me.

I appreciate the path that destined us to pass

Even if it’s temporary.

Seconds blessed by rare expressions of care that were necessary…monumental moments of time.

In this grandiose design of day and night

I have been gifted a reason to sigh with delight.

To look intimacy in the eye

To feel deserving of desire and the actions of love.




Copyright © 2018 ubiquitous sense All Rights Reserved.









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