Swine and Bones

We are exotic in our own element

A sundry of many shades

Inherently gifted with many talents

But, separated from our ways

Our nature…

From knowing who we are

From heritage and tradition

From our knowledge of the stars

From castaways to slaves…the nameless martyrs who took a stand

We have become as strays…bound to forage through the dunghills of distant lands

Assimilating to a people who repeatedly reject our hand.

More often than not, they provoke it.

Playing cat and mouse with our emotions, toying with our grief

They will sit you at their table and then tell you that you can’t eat

They allow you to pass the mashed potatoes, but dare your hunger to intervene

Dare your mouth to water or for you to covet of their things

There is enough for everyone to have more than their fill

When we are overwhelmed with thirst and hunger

We are offered a trough of swill

Forced to snatch crumbs from the table and pies from the sill

For this, We are called criminals and for much less, we have been killed

Our portion controlled, our purpose unfulfilled

Suckling upon your swine and bones

Malnourished minds stunted in our growth

A stepchild to a father, from a mother we have never known…

Nomads to many lands that we can never consider home.

Mental control in its prime

Who needs shackles or chains when you can control the mind?

My third eye is open wide

The vision is plain

How can you expect us all to forget what is engrained in our DNA

The droplets of the blood that runs through my veins

Can’t be drained or constrained

Some of us have grown weary of hand me downs and table scraps

You allowed us to grow with hunger while watching you get fat

Licking your fingers and giving your engorged bellies a pat

Many remain afraid to speak of our lacks

Afraid of the lashes and the backlash

Afraid of shadows of our past

This nation was raised from the sweat of our backs

In case you didn’t know, I will share a few fun facts

Hunger will inevitably outgrow our fear

Our spirits will finally be able to dry our soul’s tears

And adhere to the call that WE all hear

Shouting from our hearts and talking softly in our ears

Whispering to our essence

Declaring the time is near

Destiny has confirmed our Presence

The trumpet sound is clear

The pitch is perfect

We are the Lost children of the light

We are not cursed

We have inalienable rights to life

Granted by the Universe

We have been dispersed and we have thrived

Through brutality and genocide

Through Jim Crow, we Survived

KKK’s and redlines

The Projects and 3 Strikes

Institutions and crack pipes

Defamation and stereotypes

Every pitfall created by design

Has failed in its attempt for our demise…

You have tried and you have tried…and tried

Nevertheless, WE cannot be denied

I pick my fro and pump my fist with Pride

No, the revolution will not be televised

However, it is and will be written

Without your permission…

We will rise once again to our intrinsic Positions



Copyright © 2018 ubiquitous sense All Rights Reserved.











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